*Under reconstruction- to be completed later today!*

Skipper Bay donates to the following causes.  Please feel free to donate directly to these causes. I make pieces that can be worn or displayed in order to start conversations and spread the word about these great organizations.

-100% profit from the “To let the oppressed go free” necklace to Operation Underground Railroad

-$10 from each item featuring the Arabic “N” to the Nazarene Fund

-$1 or more from each pet portrait to the local Buddy Center, part of the Dumb Friends League

-$1 or more from each military/missionary map necklace (coming soon) to the LDS mission fund or the military charity of your choice

-$1 or more from each temple print (coming soon) to the LDS temple fund

If you would like Skipper Bay to donate to a cause close to your heart, please email for review.