INSIDER Art’s Fore-Edge Painting

Skipper Bay’s fore-edge painting on the book Peter Pan was recently featured in INSIDER’s short video on fore-edge painting:

Hidden paintings on book edges

There are hidden paintings on the edges of these books.

Posted by INSIDER art on Wednesday, November 2, 2016


Full one-minute Peter Pan video:

Fore-Edge Painting (Secret Hidden Painting!)

How soon can you tell which book this is? Watch for the hidden painting!!What is cooler (for a book-lover) than a secret painting within the book? This is a fore-edge painting, where an artist skilled in miniature painting creates a panorama of scenes from the book. The painting is hidden by the gilt when the book is closed, and revealed by fanning the pages. I will be doing more of these, and perfecting my process! The method dates to the 10th century, but most fore-edge painted books today are from the late 19th-to early 20th century. Skipper Bay is bringing it back!

Posted by Skipper Bay on Thursday, August 25, 2016


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