Nazarene Necklace, Arabic N on door


$10 donated to the Nazarene Fund

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*This item is made-to-order, and will be painted for you by hand and shipped in one to two business days.

This is a hand-painted one-of-a-kind miniature (1″) wearable painting, honoring the families who are marked for death by this symbol due to their religion. $10 from each Nazarene piece will be donated to the Nazarene Fund, a fund set up to rescue these persecuted and hunted families from a horrendous death or sex slavery.

This painting is sealed under domed glass and set into an antiqued copper bezel on a matching chain.

The Mark of the Nazarene is an arabic ‘N’ for Nazarene (meaning follower of Jesus the Nazarene) and is spray painted on houses of Christians marked for death, crucifixion, and slavery.

My desire is that these will be conversation pieces, and that the message about these families will be spread, and that more will donate and more children will be saved with their families. After the Holocaust, we vowed Never Again. This is my way of keeping that promise.

See for running donation totals

See the Nazarene Fund to donate more

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Dimensions 9 × 6 × 2 in


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