The Daring Librarian Features Skipper Bay

Gwyneth Jones, the Daring Librarian of and has written a post featuring my artwork for her and her beautiful nautical-themed cottage (which she rents out on VRBO)!

She writes:

I have a deep love of art. Art of all shapes, sizes, all mediums and many different types and genres. Modern, art-deco, Rococo, Dutch Masters, El Greco, Van Eyck, impressionist, expressionist, and surrealist. As a young girl I even had an infatuation with Albrecht Dürer and in college I did my senior thesis on Christina and Dante Gabriel Rossetti and the art and literature of the Pre-Raphaelite Brotherhood.  And don’t get me started on Ancient art & Architecture! But I also love the simple, the hand crafted, the personal. Behold the humble but beautiful watercolor! 

Read the rest of her post here!


I love seeing her Instagram posts about the goings on in her amazing school library! Check her out:

Twitter: @GwynethJones  – IG: The Daring Librarian. Future Ready Teacher Librarian & Tech Leader. Mover, Shaker, Blogger, International Ed Tech Keynote Speaker, & Google Certified.  Geek. Ridiculously Humble.

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